October7(Sat) – December10 (Sun), 2023
Main venue: Former Omiya Civic Hall







The Saitama Triennale Executive Committee accepts donations from any private person who wishes to support Saitama Triennale 2023.
Saitama Triennale 2023 has been approved by the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts for the “Arts Fund for the Creation of Society,” through which donations may be made in support of the Festival.
If you wish to donate, please do so by way of money transfer to the above-mentioned Association’s designated bank account. After submitting the “Application for Donation” (PDF), you will receive an email from the Association with further instruction as to how to complete your donation. A “Request for Donation” and “Receipt” will be issued via the Association’s website (“Fund for Culture”).

The procedure for donations is as follows:

  1. Application for donation
  2. Donator registration
  3. Notice of registration (issued by email)
  4. Bank transfer, etc.
  5. Receipt/Certificate
  6. Remittance
  7. Receipt

個人、公益社団法人企業メセナ協議会、さいたま国際芸術祭実行委員会があります。流れは以下のようなものです。 1.個人からさいたま国際芸術祭実行委員会に「寄附申込書」を送る。 2.さいたま国際芸術祭実行委員会が公益社団法人企業メセナ協議会に支援者情報登録を行う。 3公益社団法人メセナ協議会から個人に登録通知がメールで送られる。 4.個人から公益社団法人メセナ協議会に寄附金振込を行う。 5.公益社団法人メセナ協議会から個人に領収証、証明書が発行される。 6.寄附金が公益社団法人メセナ協議会からさいたま国際芸術祭実行委員会へ送金される。 7.さいたま国際芸術祭実行委員会から公益社団法人企業メセナ協議会へ領収証が発行される。

CulFun! (Association for Corporate Support of the Arts portal site for donations and other support of artistic and cultural activities): https://culfun.mecenat.or.jp/project/fund/detail/2877

*For all donations made through the Association for Corporate Support of the Arts, tax deductions or credits are available according to the amount of your donation.
For more information on tax deduction for donations, see CulFun! (https://culfun.mecenat.or.jp/guide/subsidy.html) and your Regional Taxation Bureau website.

Benefits for donators

  • 10,000 yen: No longer available

  • 50,000 yen: No longer available

社会創造アーツファンド [公社]企業メセナ協議会
Application for donation


The Saitama Triennale Executive Committee accepts support from organizations and corporations that agree with the ideas and intents behind the Triennale.
If you agree with the points of this art festival, your special support and cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

For more information, please inquire using theInquiry Form. A person in charge at the Secretariat of Saitama Triennale Executive Committee will contact you and explain details such as benefits you will be rewarded with for your support.

Please indicate in the Inquiry Form the name of your company/organization, contact information, and the person in charge.

Request for support of Saitama Triennale 2023


Saitama Triennale is an art festival for citizens to “join together and make things together.”
We refer to all volunteers who engage in joint creative activities in support of Saitama Triennale as “Supporters.”
Saitama Triennale is looking for Supporters!
Supporters will engage in a wide variety of activities starting even before the opening of the Triennale program, including support in the creation of artworks, administrative tasks, and other independent cultural endeavors of the supporters themselves.
In a number of events such as monthly supporters’ meetings and workshops, supporters will have plenty of opportunities to communicate and exchange information. We are looking forward to your participation! Become a Supporter, and help make Saitama Triennale a spectacular event!
Become a Supporter, and help make Saitama Triennale a spectacular event!

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