This program introduces works by Japanese young animation artists.    

The program features Onohana’s such a good place to die (2014), KANEKO Isaku’s Magnified City (2022), and WAKABAYASHI Moe’s 3 Intestine Road, Fish Island(2022). 

In their short animations on different topics, the creators reflect and ask questions on matters of “seeing” and “being,” each in their very own way. During the screening time of just over 30 minutes in total, viewers will witness a string of different world views replacing one another. This is a program to be enjoyed by visitors of any age, from children to grown-ups.


Onohana, such a good place to die

Sceneries that film as if they were alive. Things that recur within memory. Reverberating “time” in different guises. Everything that has a shape, dances.

2014 / Japan

3 min 13 sec / no dialogues

KANEKO Isaku, Magnified City

The magnifier man wanders in a landscape of ruins. One day, he finds a photograph of a beautiful town. Although instantly fascinated by its beauty, he mistakenly burns the photograph. He was in fact used by the projector man’s secret society, whose plan was to make him restore the ruins to their original state.

This is the story of a nightly encounter in the magnifying glass man’s life.

2022 / Japan

11 min 34 sec / no dialogues

WAKABAYASHI Moe, 3 Intestine Road, Fish Island

This film tells the story of a family of three – a pig, a fish and a tadpole – who live on the bottom of the stomach of a fish. One day, their life begins to change when a fruit is washed ashore all of a sudden.

2022 / Japan

17 min 12 sec / Japanese

Numbered tickets for all screenings are distributed at the main venue’s reception desk from 10:00 AM on the respective day. 

Visitors will be admitted in the order of ticket numbers, seating is free.

- Visitors to each screening admitted by rotation

- Doors open 30 min. before the start of the program

- To attend this event, you will be asked to present your ticket for the main venue (1-Day Ticket or Festival Pass).

- The short film OUR CINEMAS (ODA Kaori, 3 min 48 sec) is shown prior to the start of the main program.

- This performance will be staged inside an exhibition space. Please be aware that there will be other visitors walking around at the exhibition.