The film depicts a region where serious refugee problems are just a few steps down the road. Rather than from the viewpoints of specific governments or ideas, Aroonpheng attempts to single out such issues by perceiving and abstracting them through the filter of general human sensitivity and conflict.    


The film is set in a coastal village in Thailand, where large numbers of refugees are said to have drowned. A fisherman rescues an injured man who doesn’t speak a word from a forest, and takes care of him at his home. He names him Thongchai, and a friendship develops between the two. One day, the fisherman suddenly disappears, and as if on his behalf, Thongchai takes over not only the man’s house but also his old wife… The title refers to a type of ray called “manta,” which makes a symbolic appearance in the film.

Manta Ray won an Orizzonti Prize at the Venice International Film Festival 2018.

It was also shown at TOKYO FILMeX and Fukuoka International Film Festival – Focus on Asia 2019.


Manta Ray 

Director: Phuttiphong AROONPHENG

2018 / Thailand, France, China

105 min / Thai / Japanese subtitles

Worldwide sales: The Party Film Sales

Japanese subtitle cooperation: TOKYO FILMeX

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October 20(Fri)17:45〜

November 16(Thu)15:40〜

November 19(Sun)13:00〜

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