A provincial town, somewhere in the world. A young man engaging in creative work in the city returns to his hometown, where his arrival sets off a series of lively family conversations. Crystallizing here are the various mental conflicts and contradictions that close human relationships involve – more or less in any family anywhere in the world. In this film, all this is served with a certain “beauty” that hits rather hard.


The playwright Louis returns to his hometown for the first time in twelve years in order to announce to his family that he is “soon going to die.” His mother cooks her son’s favorite dish, while his sister Suzanne waits for him in a fancy dress she isn’t really used to wearing. In contrast to the restless ladies, his brother Antoine greets Louis with indifference, while Antoine’s wife Catherine and Louis meet for the first time. What follows is a string of awkward conversations, which Louis intends to wrap up with his confession, but his brother’s harsh words eventually work as a trigger for their various hidden feelings to gush out...

It's Only the End of the World won a Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival 2016.


It's Only the End of the World 

Directed by Xavier DOLAN

2016 / Canada, France 

99 min / French / Japanese subtitles / PG12

Distributed by Gaga

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October 19(Thu)15:50〜

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November 18(Sat)17:50〜

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