This is a joint performance by a total of eight groups that belong to the Saitama Wadaiko Promotion Society. Rehearsals and concerts will be presented alternately in a one-day program at the Large Hall.

Photo of Kitabukuro kodomogumi

Photo of Homage

Photo of Himiko

Photo of Azuma-daiko

△Photo of Horisaki Bushu Taiko

△Photo of Horisaki Kodomo Club

Photo of Yamazaki Koryudaiko 


10:00~12:45 Jarinko / Yamazaki Koryudaiko / Hokage

12:45~15:30 Azuma-daiko / Kitabukuro kodomogumi / Himiko

15:30~17:30 Horisaki Kodomo Club / Horisaki Bushu Taiko


The Saitama Wadaiko Promotion Society was established in April 1998, based on the idea to use the wadaiko (Japanese drum) as an instrument for actively contributing to the regional community, in the form of promotion and exchange between wadaiko groups based in Saitama City, and engaging in the healthy upbringing of children.

Participating groups of the Saitama Wadaiko Promotion Society


Formed in January 1999. The name “Jarinko” reflects the idea to get together and just have fun beating the drums. The group is active also on social media (mainly videos of drumming lessons), while a total of nine members (elementary and junior high school students) are currently devoting themselves especially to their weekly practice in order to prepare for the group’s own presentation events that just started this year. 

Yamazaki Koryudaiko

Formed in June 2002 in Yamazaki, Midori-ku, Saitama City. With the healthy upbringing of children as one aim, the group has been active throughout the year at local festivals, events at welfare facilities, and various other occasions. Comprised of children, vigorous as little dragons, and their parents, the group is developing to become a favorite among the people of Saitama.  

For ten years, the Former Omiya Civic Hall used serve as a venue for performances of the wadaiko (Japanese drum) group Saitama Taiko Expert. At this place that has been loved and supported by many, Yamazaki Koryudaiko present a taiko performance. Typically for the Saitama Triennale 2023, visitors can watch them also during their preparations and rehearsals prior to the main performance. This means that, for the first time, the program offers not only the fun of a performance on stage, but also the excitement of looking behind the scenes. The first piece on the program is ”NEO,” performed by the remarkably fledgling children of Yamazaki Koryudaiko, followed by Utage, a fun piece performed by children and adults together. Look forward to this fine opportunity to experience the performances of Yamazaki Koryudaiko with your eyes, ears and hearts.

10:45-11:10 Preparations, rehearsal

11:10-11:30 Performance

Yamazaki Koryudaiko website




This is a widely active group that has been participating in various local festivals and other events mainly in Saitama City. Although it is a rather small group, the members bring in their diverse individual qualities in order to translate each piece they perform into a display of sonic fireworks, and simply enjoy the overwhelming feeling of harmonizing sounds and movements in their practice. The group is looking for new members. 



The name of this group was chosen by the Hikawa Shrine, after the “Azuma-no-mai” dance that is performed at the festivals that are regularly held at the shrine in the summer. Around the theme of “splendid dance and energetic performance,” the group continue to practice in order to refine their work with the drumsticks, and improve the sounds they produce. They actively participate in all kinds of events, local summer festivals, etc.


Kitabukuro kodomogumi

Formed in May 1990 from the taiko groups that perform at the regular summer Bon festival at Kitabukurocho in Omiya, an area rather close to the Saitama New Urban Center. Under the theme “captivating listeners with dynamic taiko sound,” the group has been appearing at events and festivals in Saitama City. Ranging from elementary school kids to adults, the members together engage in their practice and exchange, and are currently looking for new members.

Kitabukuro kodomogumi Website


Established in 1990. In the past, the group won three taiko contests, did a live concert tour titled “Arashi” in 2015, and a collaboration with flamenco artists in 2017. This performance received a Grand Prize from the Agency for Cultural Affairs. Armed with bouncing power and cheerfulness, the group continuously aims to operate as a high-quality wadaiko ensemble.

Himiko Website



Horisaki Bushu Taiko

This team is made up of members of the Residents’ Association in Horisaki in Minuma-ku, Saitama City. With a rather long history of about 40 years since its establishment, the group was relaunched in 2003 as a new team with support from the Association. Based in Saitama City, they participate in all kinds of events, while also responding to requests to perform at various other occasions.

Horisaki Kodomo Club

This is Hirosaki Bushu Taiko’s team of elementary up to high school students. Regardless of the members’ age gap from around 6 to 18, together they engage in their practice with the aim to become a charming team that combines the individual efforts and supportive spirit of its members.

Advance reservation is not required for this event. Please come directly to the venue on the day of the event.

- All seats non-reserved

- To attend this event, you will be asked to present your ticket for the main venue (1-Day Ticket or Festival Pass).

- This performance will be staged inside an exhibition space. Please be aware that there will be other visitors walking around at the exhibition.