This long film scrupulously illustrates how contemporary society deals with morals and the conflicts they involve. The cast is a group of workshop participants with no acting experience, whose performances display a certain sense of awkwardness. For five hours and seventeen minutes, the viewer is taken on a trance-inducing, mind-penetrating rollercoaster ride between right and wrong, that vividly depicts the absurdities of life, and the “ideal” society that we are supposed to strive for.


Am I the person that I actually wanted to be? Am I able to communicate what I actually want to say? Such worries and uncertainties that any “average” female anywhere in the world has, are in this film verbalized by four women in their late 30s. As a unique and novel kind of approach, the film, being the result of an “improvised acting workshop” for participants from the general public in Kobe, features a cast of mostly unexperienced actors.

Happy Hour won the Best Actress Award at the Locarno Film Festival 2015.


Happy Hour

Directed by HAMAGUCHI Ryusuke

2015 / Japan 

317 min / Japanese / English subtitles

Production & distribution: Kobe Workshop Cinema Project (NEOPA / fictive)

[The program includes one break during the screening.]  

Screening Schedule

October 17(Tue)11:30〜

November 14 (Tue)11:30〜

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- The short film OUR CINEMAS (ODA Kaori, 3 min 48 sec) is shown prior to the start of the main program.

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