The “SCAPER LAB” serves as a base for the investigative activities of "SCAPERS" from the viewpoints of urbanism and architecture. 

Under the leadership of Taguchi Yoko, the staff and various investigators engage in "scientific research" from unique perspectives. 

The “SCAPER LAB Presentation” is an event at which results of that research, carried out by SCAPER LAB in collaboration with residents of Saitama City, will be showcased. 

SCAPERS are supposed to appear at various locations throughout the festival period, but no details regarding concrete actions are being revealed.

On the day of the presentation, the staff and investigators will announce the latest SCAPER information based on their investigation report, and exchange ideas and opinions as to how surveying the situation of the SCAPERS may affect the way we “see” the city and its architecture, while taking into account also the effects of the SCAPERS’ operations. 


Advance reservation is not required for this event. Please come directly to the venue on the day of the event.

- All seats non-reserved

- Doors open 30 min. before the start of the program

- To attend this event, you will be asked to present your ticket for the main venue (1-Day Ticket or Festival Pass).

- This performance will be staged inside an exhibition space. Please be aware that there will be other visitors walking around at the exhibition.